Antenatal steroids after 34 weeks

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Hi. I'm not pregnant but am asking a question on behalf of my daughter. She is being monitored very closely as we were told 4 weeks ago that baby is a "bit on the small side". She is 32 weeks 4 days pregnant & baby hasn't put any weight on/ grown since her last scan two weeks ago. She weighs . At her scan yesterday they also told her that her baby's lungs were under developed and she had a steroid injection with another planned for today. She has a elected for a planned c - section because she suffered pelvic & serious head injuries in a car crash years ago so the consultant is playing safe. I've read about steroid injections preventing early labour with some ladies but so far my daughter hasn't shown any sign of early labour. Just wondered if any one had had a similar issue but went on ti go full term & if the steroids worked etc
Sorry for the long post but we weren't even sure my daughter could conceive so everyday she carries my grand daughter is a little miracle. Zx

Corresponding authors were contacted to obtain crude data when percentages were used, 3,5,14 and to obtain additional information on antenatal steroid administration (preparation, dose, dosing scheme). 3,13,15,16 Several responded and supplied additional information. 3,13,15,16 A 10% cohort overlap between the studies by Foix-L’Helias et al. and Baud et al. was reported. 13,15 This was not accounted for in the meta-analysis, and thus may slightly affect the pooled estimate on RDS after clinical chorioamnionitis.

Antenatal steroids after 34 weeks

antenatal steroids after 34 weeks


antenatal steroids after 34 weeksantenatal steroids after 34 weeksantenatal steroids after 34 weeksantenatal steroids after 34 weeksantenatal steroids after 34 weeks