Anti steroid foods

Before using foods that contain psoralen as a natural treatment for psoriasis, eczema or vitiligo, you should talk to your doctor. When activated by sunlight or another source of ultraviolet light, psoralens may have phototoxic, mutagenic and photo-carcinogenic effects. Consequently, foods rich in psoralen may cause dermatitis, sunburn and age spots (also known as liver spots) when your skin is exposed to sunlight. A high intake of psoralen combined with exposure to ultraviolet light has also been associated with an increased risk of skin cancer . Despite these potential safety concerns, the FDA has approved PUVA (. Psoralen plus UltraViolet A) as a treatment for severe cutaneous psoriasis.

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Anti steroid foods

anti steroid foods


anti steroid foodsanti steroid foodsanti steroid foodsanti steroid foodsanti steroid foods