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At LONG last, Danny Masterson is facing the music for his appalling behavior! And the Church of scientology is being investigated for attempting to cover up his crimes! Four women made claims of sexual assault against Masterson in the early 2000’s and somehow the cases “fell through the cracks” at the LAPD. Insiders know that the church goes out of its way to butter up the local police with generous donations etc, and get them on their side. Also 17 Scientologists wrote letters to the police praising Masterson and insisting he was innocent. Leah Remini’s series and Tony Ortega brought the issue back into the public eye and – hooray- Netflix fired Danny from “The Ranch.” Now if only the LAPD will follow in their footsteps…

Romanowski and his wife were investigated for prescription drug fraud, though the charges were later dropped. [17] Records seized by the government belonging to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative , later discovered to be the source of a designer steroid, indicate that he had used the anabolic steroid " The Clear " and synthetic testosterone ointment " The Cream " provided by BALCO since 2003. Romanowski admitted to staying a step ahead of NFL drug testing policies. [18] In an October 16, 2005 appearance on 60 Minutes , Romanowski admitted to using steroids and human growth hormone that he received from Victor Conte , BALCO owner. [19]

Brandon lilly steroids

brandon lilly steroids


brandon lilly steroidsbrandon lilly steroidsbrandon lilly steroidsbrandon lilly steroidsbrandon lilly steroids