Bulking meal plan steroids

Really good question! Rolled oats actually are cooked … at the factory. Oats are hard as rocks. If you have ever seen “Steel-cut oats” those are raw uncooked oats and they can break your teeth. At the factory they just chop up the uncooked oat kernels to make steel cut oats. On the other hand, to make the rolled oats you cannot just squish the oats as they would turn into powder. What they do is boil them till they are soft, squish them flat in big rollers, then dry the flakes. You can tell the difference by the cooking time. To make steel cut oats requires that you cook them for 45 minutes. Rolled oats on the other hand take less than 5 minutes to cook, because they are pre-cooked. So this is a long winded way of saying that rolled oats are cooked, just at the factory rather than in your home.

Hi Mario, I started today with 16/8 plan, I had my first meal at 1 pm which was a shake with fruits, then my second meal was at 5 pm was salad, shrimp , some turkey bacon and 1/4 chicken breast. And my third meal will be may be around 8:30 pm or so after my 30 minutes workout will be another shake with 1/2 frozen banana and 1/2 chicken breast.
I really need to lose 35 pounds if not 40 pounds! Do u think that plan is good for me or no?
Are my food choices good?
Do I need to workout fasting? Which I really can’t as I get really nauseous!
Do I need to add carbs to my meals?

So,  how to gain muscle ?  Workout with incredible intensity (but don’t overtrain), sleep lots, and have proper nutrition.  Proper nutrition ?  In a nutshell, here’s what you need.  Protein every 2-3 hours from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed.  Total protein approx 1g per pound of bodyweight per day so a 180lb man would have 180g protein per day (30g protein per meal, 6 meals).  OK, that’s only 720 calories but a 180 lb man needs 2700 calories a day to maintain weight (2200cals to lose a pound fat per week), what should you eat for those other 2000 calories?  Well, technically you could eat twinkies and a vitamin pill and you would be fine.  Several problems with that approach, first twinkies are not very filling (no fiber) and you would find you had to eat much more than 2000 calories of twinkies to feel satisfied which would make you FAT.  The best thing to eat for those 2000 calories are things that are high in vitamins and fiber, things like vegetables, legumes, fruits, and whole grains.  If you use these things for those 2000 calories you will find yourself so full that it would be easy to reduce by 500cal/day and thereby lose a pound of fat a week without affecting your muscle growth.  Note however that this only works with slight caloric reductions (like the 500cal/day reduction suggested above).  If you do a drastic caloric reduction, your ability to add muscle will be hindered – malnourished people cant add muscle.

Bulking meal plan steroids

bulking meal plan steroids


bulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroidsbulking meal plan steroids