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Another reason I’ll never know what it’s like to smother my hairy pockmarked thighs into a buttery pair of LuLaRoes is that I have no desire whatsoever to badger my friends or drag them into a high-pressure sales environment. I need my friends because I can’t do carpool without them, and I am not risking pissing them off by adding them to a group where the consultant is trying to convince us that leggings with slices of watermelon all over them are a good thing. Seriously, go home pizza slice leggings, you’re drunk.

I’m using Permethrin and Compound W. The Compound W. is the bunker buster. If you have hard callous-like areas (the bunkers) then you really need the . It’s used for warts so it has to be pretty strong , and it is. Permethrin is only good for light duty (as in machine guns). The CW is like a nuclear bomb went off as far as scabies is concerned. I did try borax & hydrogen peroxide. It wasnt effective on the bunkers though. Just a heads up on that. At least you don’t need a Rx for the Compound W. Hoo-rah!

Buy steroids pay paypal

buy steroids pay paypal


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