D4net steroids

Hell yea I hear that bro...Now that I look back, my last cycle was only 600mg Test cyp(watson) for only 9 weeks. I ran 600 for my first cycle 2 years ago and have never gone lower than that and never ran test alone. So this was a seriously MILD cycle for me. But like you said, I have never been so goddamn horny in my entire life my girl was like scared of me, I wanted to do work at all times. And my strength went through the roof. In 9 wks gained 20 lbs and have kept 18 of it. So now im fuckin hoarding all the watson cyps I can get...should have 6 soon and I'll be ready for a blast

Fakes have been a problem ever since drugs, not just steroids, have been on the black market.   Fortunately for us, steroids aren’t typically bought in raw form all rolled up in a little baggy.   It is a little more difficult to duplicate a steroid and if you know what to look for, they aren’t really all that hard to spot.   Probably the biggest problem is that since they are only available to the bodybuilder through the black market, there is no real guideline to go by when determining if a product is real or fake.   It’s like if someone were to try to sell you a fake can of Pepsi, you would know that it was fake just by looking at it.   You’ve seen it before; you know what it looks like.   At the very least you would notice that the Pepsi looked funny.   Not knowing what the ‘real stuff’ looks like is what fake dealers count on!   And unless you see brand name steroids on a regular basis, you won’t be the wiser.  

D4net steroids

d4net steroids


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