Dopage au steroide anabolisant

For all those who believed benefit of boosting ideal with the GH rhu produced by genetic engineering, it must be remembered that the isoform 20 is absent from this exogenous hormone, probably due to the manufacturing technique. However it is this isoform which allows the best adaptation to the exercise of endurance: it is lipolytique and hyperglycaemic activity. With the advancement of science and 10 years after, it is therefore, not surprised that Alex Zülle, the cyclist Switzerland of the Festina, had not found effective its cure of GH! Once again, the GH gives us the example that use such a product with as little certainties, is to play the role of the sorcerer's apprentice. We also understand why some studies concluded that the non-effectiveness of the GH in the endurance training.

Most individual reports concerning testosterone in sports recount almost the same  side effects . In the 1980s, East Germans attacked their coaches and federations for pushing them to take testosterone injections; they all exhibited similar side effects including sterility, hypertension and liver and kidney problems. They revealed that they had suffered headaches for years and most complained about the  virilization of their body . Since then, other athletes around the world have revealed the same phenomena, adding aggression, muscle tears and chronic tendonitis. Some men even confessed that they have suffered from testosterone dependence, and claimed to have heart problems. Today many others suffer from prostate cancer.

Dopage au steroide anabolisant

dopage au steroide anabolisant


dopage au steroide anabolisantdopage au steroide anabolisantdopage au steroide anabolisantdopage au steroide anabolisantdopage au steroide anabolisant