Lee preist talks steroids

Agreed...but where I have a problem is the LYING...how the pros promote BSN, Muscletech, and other worthless, bullshit companies that sell products that are WORTHLESS, and then tell other people to not use steroids.
There isn't a supplement out there, besides protien, glutamine and a few others that I would even waste a dime on. You have NO idea what you're getting, and the fact is, a lot of this stuff is far more harmful than steroids could ever be.
NOXplode??? Hope you don't need your liver, because you won't have one if you take this stuff long-term. That's just an example.

In my opinion Ramy should’ve taken this one. Bigger, alot more definiton than last year.. Just overall great physique. He did although lack definition in the legs.. Mostly visible from the front. Phil… Well Phil looks good but I think he’s getting sloppy with each year. His gut is unacceptable… I think Olympia is just rigged and it’s about who has the popular vote and who has more money… Not to mention they wanna keep Phil up on stage till he beats/sets a record, so he could go in the books..you know, to bring a new “champion” to the Olympia. Thats my opinion.

Lee preist talks steroids

lee preist talks steroids


lee preist talks steroidslee preist talks steroidslee preist talks steroidslee preist talks steroidslee preist talks steroids