Leuzea carthamoides anabolic

Rhaponticum heleniifolium Gren. & Godr.
Ital.: centaurea con foglie di elenio.
Bot. syn.:
Centaurea heleniifolia Fritsch
Centaurea lyrata Bellardi
Leuzea rhapontica (L.) Holub subsp. heleniifolia Holub
Leuzea rhapontica (L.) Holub subsp. bicknellii (Briq.) Holub
Rhaponticum lyratum (DC.) Bergmans
Rhaponticum scariosum subsp. heleniifolium (Godr. & Gren.) Nyman
Rhaponticum scariosum subsp. lyratum (DC.) Hayek
Stemmacantha heleniifolia (Godr. & Gren.) Dittrich

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Leuzea carthamoides anabolic

leuzea carthamoides anabolic


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