M-drol stanozolol ciclo

Methyl-diaz is the solid base and foundation on which the Primobol Dex formula was forged as an one-bottle Recomp Cycle.. Ma aspettare, there is more in this formula , and if you read your email tomorrow , I will send you another article explaining the rest of the ingredients . Primobol Dex contains other powerful ingredient you will want to read about like : EPISTANE, TRENAVAR, TUDCA and even Bio-Sorb Carbopol . In tomorrow\'s email you will get a full explanation of these other ingredient and the part they play in the formulation of this powerful product .

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The first drug is methasterone, otherwise known as methyldrostanolone, which became known under the name Superdrol in late 2005. Don helped expose it as a new designer steroid in an article by Amy Shipley published by the Washington Post Nov. 2005 . Methasterone has been connected to cases of liver failure in several publications .  The chat rooms on the topic provide the user accounts and hammer home the issue;  check out this graphic example , if you want.  The FDA issued a warning and took action against marketers of the product in March 2006 .  The World Anti-Doping Agency added the compound to the Prohibited List for 2006 .

M-drol stanozolol ciclo

m-drol stanozolol ciclo


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