Macros for bulking on steroids

Ordered these after buying a few different ones in Holland & Barrett to see which I preferred - these were the nicest and most like "real chocolate bars" if you see what I mean, some can be a bit 'dusty'. I was going to order from H&B or Amazon but this site popped up in my search and was a lot cheaper. Thought why not, free delivery also. I had them delivered to my work within a week of ordering, decently packaged, and had emails about the progress also. V happy with the service and v happy with my bars! Going to work my way through the range I think and will use Dolphin again.

I started to look up bulking programs this past week to figure out what I need to learn and what I need to do, so I can be fully prepared after this cut I’m doing. I’ve been all over the internet, wanting to get macros, workout plans, what to eat, when to eat, and time and time again, I keep coming back to this site. I found this a few months ago to cut weight. I dropped 10 pounds in a month, while getting stronger, when I first started. I’ve been eating near maintenance for the past three months so the weight hasn’t dropped much (maybe 1-3 pounds since then), and now I’m starting another short cut before I try my hand at bulking. I just gotta keep my diet on point for the next 6-10 weeks, and I’m sure I’ll be ready. But the main reason I commented was to thank you for all the great info you have posted on this site. It’s the only place on the internet I feel I can truly trust when it comes to anything fitness.

Macros for bulking on steroids

macros for bulking on steroids


macros for bulking on steroidsmacros for bulking on steroidsmacros for bulking on steroidsmacros for bulking on steroidsmacros for bulking on steroids