Mechanism of non steroid hormones

Most modern steroid enemas are foam based - as the likelihood of someone with colitis being able to retain a water based enema is quite low. These act topically applying the steroid directly to the colon - with only small amounts being absorbed into the bloodstream. This makes side effects less likely. The downside is that they can only reach the descending colon and rectum - so for those with extensive colitis oral steroids may be needed. A combination of Entocort and steroid enemas can provide topical treatment to the majority of the colon - again minimizing side effects. As the two main steroid enemas differ quite greatly I will cover them separately.

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Mechanism of non steroid hormones

mechanism of non steroid hormones


mechanism of non steroid hormonesmechanism of non steroid hormonesmechanism of non steroid hormonesmechanism of non steroid hormonesmechanism of non steroid hormones