Medicamentos corticosteroides e imunossupressores

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Antipsychotics are a class of drugs used commonly to treat psychotic disorders -- conditions in which thinking can be irrational, and people have false beliefs (delusions) or perceptions (hallucinations) -- and sometimes to treat mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or major depression. Different antipsychotics vary in their side effects, and some people have more trouble with certain side effects than with others. The doctor can change medications or dosages to help minimize unpleasant side effects. A drawback to some antipsychotic medications is their potential to cause sedation and problems with involuntary movements as well as weight gain and changes in blood sugar or cholesterol, which require periodic laboratory monitoring.

In order to treat cholera and quickly stem a potential outbreak, it is important to have a rapid and accurate diagnosis, particularly in countries with weak health systems and sanitation, which are the ones most vulnerable to outbreaks of the disease. Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) for cholera exist, but recent published evaluations show their accuracy is not optimal.
To that end, WHO has developed a target product profile, describing the type of assays and their key attributes that are needed in the efforts to detect a cholera outbreak. The target product profile can be used in development of a new diagnostic assay as it provides a clear and tangible vision and focus for product development.

Medicamentos corticosteroides e imunossupressores

medicamentos corticosteroides e imunossupressores


medicamentos corticosteroides e imunossupressoresmedicamentos corticosteroides e imunossupressoresmedicamentos corticosteroides e imunossupressoresmedicamentos corticosteroides e imunossupressoresmedicamentos corticosteroides e imunossupressores