Steroid drops for cats eyes

Elderly cats, and those whose immune system is weak or otherwise compromised, are at a greater risk of developing infections of any sort, including infections of the urinary tract. Long-term administration of steroid medications can suppress the immune system, increasing a cat’s chances of contracting urinary tract infections. Free-roaming outdoor cats are more likely to develop persistent urinary tract infections, in large part because they typically are taken to the veterinarian for regular check-ups less frequently than are cats kept exclusively indoors.

Thanks for all the suggestions on my Ferule cat. We left town for a few days, and I had run out of the Clavmox for him. sooo… as you can guess, he is in a lot of pain and I don`t even know if I will be able to get him to eat any meds in his food. I am going to pick up some L-Lysin… my guess it is in pill form and hopefully he will eat is. I will quarter it…I certainly can`t give him any meds that you rub on his gums… I have a call into forgotten felines and they are going to get back to me on what to do….. I doubt he will go into a trap. Hopefully they will get me some meds… I just want him to be comfortable and pain free…..No vet will give me anything because the want to see the cat….. WTH…. he`s ferule !!!! I need help !!!!! I hate to see him grabbing at his mouth… If I just leave him, will he just go off and die ??? I’m just sick !!!! help…help…

Steroid drops for cats eyes

steroid drops for cats eyes


steroid drops for cats eyessteroid drops for cats eyessteroid drops for cats eyessteroid drops for cats eyessteroid drops for cats eyes