Steroids uncle z net

I made an order last Aug. euro pharm and z line. Only got the z line gear after 2 weeks wait. I ran D bol stacked w/ Turnibol 20 mg a day split for 4 weeks, no weight gain or strength gain. I kept my diet and lifting routine the same. I doubled the dose after 4 weeks for an additional 3 weeks, nothing... so I 3x it for 2 more weeks and had blood work done. My test level 440, down from 500 and no noticed liver function problem. I went ahead and ran the zline nolva even though I figured it was probably just as useless, but the pros on here say to run a PCT after every cycle, so I did, and all I got was heartburn. I never received the Pharma line products and after 3 weeks of misleading emails from them I quit trying to get recouped. I cannot recommend this source.

hey Chris just wanted to say thanx (to you and some of the other cool people that read and commented on this post)…early in life i developed the obsessive habit of worrying about approval from others, pretending to have it together more than i really did and the resulting self-judgement that eventually turns into judgement of eveything and everyone to some degree, that wasnt “stacking up”. I guess thats why i can appreciate the sincerity and raw athenticity, particularly because its not for show or shock value or props for being “real”, but for the right reasons. I’m re-inspired to try to be a little more like that myself…keep holdin it down for those of fighting the good fight along side of you brutha, … your a good man Charlie Brown… 🙂

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Steroids uncle z net

steroids uncle z net


steroids uncle z net