What's better natural or steroids

Natural gas, when discharged into the environment is a greenhouse gas whereas propane is not classified as such. Propane is not toxic or damaging and will not harm the environment if it is released into the atmosphere, which is why it is not labeled as a greenhouse gas. Therefore, while propane will not contribute to pollution in its unused state, if released, natural gas will. Propane is a green fuel before combustion and remains environmentally-friendly even after it is used. Propane vs. natural gas is a topic of little discussion where environmental impact is concerned as they are both environmentally-friendly fuels.

Brandt and his team then took a look at all the excess methane being released into the atmosphere. For their calculations, they assumed all that methane was coming from the natural gas industry. That’s unlikely, they note, but it makes for a good worst-case scenario. But even that level of methane wasn’t enough to make natural gas a bigger greenhouse gas contributor than coal, the researchers found. And switching from coal to natural gas for energy production does reduce the total greenhouse effect on a scale of 100 years, the standard scientists use in calculations like these.

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What's better natural or steroids

what's better natural or steroids


what's better natural or steroidswhat's better natural or steroidswhat's better natural or steroidswhat's better natural or steroidswhat's better natural or steroids